Kapten Arh Khairul Basyri Harahap, Salahsatu Perwira Terbaik Yonarhanud 15/DBY

Kapten Arh Khairul Basyri

On Friday 21 Feb 2020, Sarafand Public school Visited UNIFIL HQ. MCOU and Civil Affairs conducted school engagement activity at UNIFIL HQ. the total number of students were approximately 40 including three teachers. Students SPS were very excited, interested and enthusiastic to get information included in Youth Presentation with the Briefer Captain M. Khairul Basyri Harahap. He mentioned the MCOU personnel is fully oriented to a direct approach with local population for communicating UNIFIL messages to ensure a clear understanding of the mission mandate and tasks. The purpose of the presentation was to give the opportunity and full understanding about UNIFIL ROLE in South Lebanon. At the end of the activity, a group photo session was made and plaque of appreciation was handed by the Sarafand Public school to UNIFIL HQ. Sumber @kongaunifil2020 .

Kapten Arh Khairul Basyri
Kapten Arh Khairul Basyri h

Captain M. Khairul Basyri Harahap

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